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Why we chose to breed australian labradoodles...

About six years ago, we were blessed to adopt a rescue dog named Many. We didn’t know what breed she was, but from the day she entered our home, she has been a dream dog. Many completely relaxes when she is in the house and is so sweet--very gentle and loving when the grandchildren are around. She mostly lies at her daddy’s side. One of our favorite things about Many is that she prances like a frisky, little lamb when she goes outside. Also, when she lies down, she crosses her front legs like a real lady. So queenly! In time, we discovered she was probably an F1 or F2  Labradoodle. That didn’t mean a lot to us at first, but over the years, we investigated this breed and came to realize why we love Many so much.

Once we reached retirement age, we began thinking of something rewarding to do while spending time together at home.  Over the past year, a dream was born in us to breed beautiful Labradoodles to share with other families. As we looked into buying a female breeding dog, we discovered the many wonderful attributes of Australian Labradoodles in particular and learned about their great heritage. These dogs have been carefully bred to have the most magnificent coat, temperament and health. After much research, we decided to breed Australian Labradoodles.

Now we have our very own Australian Labradoodle!!!  GorgeousDoodles Elegant Uthana has joined our family!!!   It has become obvious in the short time we have had GorgeousDoodles Elegant Uthana why the Australian Labradoodle was bred specifically as a service dog. She is constantly by our side--our quiet little shadow, reminding us of the days when our little girls would follow us all around the house.

While looking for that perfect dog, there were times we got discouraged. Few breeders will sell breeding dogs to new breeders, and we understand why. If you don’t respect the heritage of the Australian Labradoodle, it could lead to the undoing of this outstanding breed. We were extremely blessed to connect with Melanie Derwey, owner of GeorgeousDoodles in Colorado. We explained our goals to her and our preference for a small-to-medium caramel, apricot or red Australian Labradoodle. She was willing to sell us her precious GorgeousDoodles Elegant Uthana, who has an amazing pedigree and is an experienced mother who loves her puppies. GorgeousDoodles has offered to mentor us, and we are anxious to breed our GorgeousDoodles Elegant Uthana in September with one of Melanie’s GorgeousDoodle studs!

GorgeousDoodle’s Elegant Uthana usually has 5 to 7 puppies in a litter, and we hope she will produce 3-4 more litters for us. We plan to keep one of her breeding-quality puppies to continue her stellar heritage that goes back to Rutland Manor and Tegan Park. We will always strive to continue the ALAA Gold and Silver Paw Award standards for her and only breed her with studs that have pedigrees as highly prized as GorgeousDoodles Elegant Uthana. We hope to have her first litter ready to go home in mid-to-late January 2019.

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-Paula and Gary Farmer